Virx Reviews | Vigrx Plus Reviews – Does Vgrx Really Work?

Chances are, a guy who is currently looking for male enhancement products would probably have asked himself this question before: Does Vigrx plus pills really work? Due to social conditioning, men have been programmed to think that a bigger penis is always better, and you would have guessed it – most of them aren’t really too happy about their penis size at all!

Vigrx Reviews – What is Vigrx Plus?

Vig rx is currently a leading brand in the industry of male enhancement, and has been around for quite a few years in the market. Vigrx has said to be made completely from 100% natural ingredients that which have been clinically proven and tested to produce benefits when it comes to male sexual health. Apart from helping your penis to grow bigger and longer, Vigrx has also been known to help solve common embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Here are just some of the ingredients that can be found in Vigrx pills – and it isn’t difficult to see why Vigrx plus pills are so effective and potent once you look at the ingredients that are used:

  • Epimedium – Also known as “horny goat weed”, epimedium has been used for hundreds of years to boost libido. Epimedium works by boosting the circulation of blood from the body to the genitals, helping guys to maintain and also increase the size of their erections.
  • Cuscuta Seed – Used frequently in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Cuscuta seeds have been known to help improve sperm health and also cure premature ejaculation
  • Asian Red Gingseng – Used to boost vitality and circulate blood flow around the body, especially around the penis areas. Has been known to greatly help solve the problem of impotency!
  • Other natural powerful ingredients in Vgrx pills include Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto and Muira Pauma Bark Extract.

Virgx Plus Reviews – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virgx Pills

  • These are just some of the advantages of Virgx Pills:
  • Made completely from natural ingredients – this implies that you would not need to be worrying about any kind of side effects at all!
  • Able to see quick and effective results
  • Clinically tested and has been in the market for years, i.e. a good reputation!
  • 100% money back guarantee!


  • You get a free book detailing some of the exercises you can do together with Vigrx in order to achieve better erections and bigger penises, but the exercises were pretty generalized and did not seem to have much effect
  • Vigrx isn’t exactly the cheapest solution for anyone who is suffering from embarrassing penis problems, but with the 100% money-back guarantee one would have nothing to lose just by trying it out!


I personally have tried Vigrx pills out for a few months , and have seen pretty great results from it! My sex and love life has improved so much by leaps and bounds that words can’t express the gratitude I have for finding Vigrx pills during the good old days.

If you have not checked out Vigrx pills yet, you definitely should!

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  1. diablo guy

    Anyone knows how much time vigrx takes to ship to US?

    • young

      Hi mate, I ordered and got it delivered within 3 days. They are pretty fast. I got some nice results with my 3 months supply. Gonna order more once the supplies are all used in another 2 weeks :mrgreen:

  2. Emum

    I’ve been searching for vigrxplus for much time now. Glad you brought up the topic here.

  3. lanker

    Hi I’d like to know how to get vigrx

    • young

      you can just order at their site, or call them to order. I don’t think the call center is up for 24 hours a day though. I’m not sure. You can order via their site easily

  4. Datday

    This is just not true. There are things more important than penis size. Vigrx might help though, I have heard

    • young

      Truth is bitter. Penis size is important indeed :sad: vigrx helps

  5. Datwayday

    I have to be more aware I think. Will try this

  6. Dat day

    Thanks for the information!

  7. Gray

    It is worth checking out this site. The main challenge is figuring out how to use these and when. I’m excited to learn about these pills.

  8. mike

    Just got to share my experience with you all here. I have been using vigrxplus capsules for 3 weeks now. Have had some astonishing improvements in erection which help my penis look a lot bigger and give me confidence. I’m seeing some increase in penis size though I feel it is just 2 cms or less even. Haven’t measured before and after yet. Anyone who’s still wondering whether to get this, I’d suggest trying it once.

  9. I’m not sure how this is going to work. I have read on the site and it says it is all herbal? Is it true? If yes, then I guess it’d be safer than other meds we use? I’d like to hear from the author.

    • Ronny

      Bookmarked this. Will see what Martin has to say about this.

  10. Ronny

    How do we go about the ordering process? Do i just visit the site link and order it? Do we have to call them? I have heard that the site is safe. How long does it take to arrive to your home? I’m located in Texas.

  11. grisciscesy

    This is a great thing I have stumbled upon. The product seems to be a good one from the reviews, but I can say for sure when I try it myself. Will be back with the results.

  12. jason

    If this really works, I am sad why I didn’t try it before. I am ordering now and if it lives up to my expectations, it is going to be a relationship saver!

  13. Apart

    Does vigrx plus really work? Are they available in a store near me? I’d like to know whether they provide temporary or permanent benefit?

  14. Martin

    What is your penis size? If it is 5.5 inches you are just fine. You can possibly make it harder so it will look bigger when it is erect. Making it actually bigger is going to be hard. Good luck with that.

  15. Brian

    You will not have bigger penis with these pills. Stronger erections are possible though.

    I know some guys who had surgery, but it is costly. Exercises “might” work but they are not for the lazy chaps and might take a lot of time. I’m no expert tho.

  16. iigsh

    vigrx + exercises + extender device = Win

  17. Brian

    The best method is to use penis enlargement exercises. There are chambers in your penis which contain blood. If you exercise properly you can increase the blood holding capacity of these chambers. So once you get an erection there will be more blood and your penis will appear be bigger

  18. Sukhi

    IMO pills do work. They make your penis firmer and harder which kind of makes it appear longer too

  19. The logic is to take aphrodisiacs. These pills contain the correct aphrodisiacs in correct amount. The use of these is that you get harder erections and increase in libido. Along with vigrxplus I usually recommend penis enlargement exercises and a penis extender device. Sizegenetics is a great extender device

  20. quinn

    Glad to heard from a lot of like minded people here. What I’m thinking is how long exactly do we have to use this? Is a 2 months vigrx plus supply going to be enough for someone who is looking for decent improvement?

  21. medguy

    Really glad i came upon this site. I’ve been writing on vigrx too and this is one good resource for anyone looking to try the pills. Plus, they have all natural ingredients many of which are very much profiled too.

  22. kath

    This indeed helped me go through some hurdles which i couldn’t have passed

  23. dc

    Why does everyone want to get this? i don’t get it. It is not that vigx is going to help you improve your business lol

  24. agez

    What’s up with all the doubts. They offer a money back if you return their box within 30 days or so. I guess vigrx is worth a try.

  25. nats

    I tried upto 4 weeks. Didnt have to use it any more. been quite good.

  26. alex

    Mine hasn’t been bad either. My gf likes me more.

  27. mdz

    While checking for reviews, i came to a review site and read various reviews. I was suggested amazon but i got from their official site and bought from there. 2+ weeks so far and its been quite good.

  28. wamy

    Yes, it does. I’ve been using it for a lot of time now with great results, especially in the last 3 weeks of the 2 months course i did. Its been awesome.

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